School Profile


Cookshire Elementary is located in the heart of Compton County and draws its students from Cookshire, Island Brook, Eaton, Dudswell, East Angus and other surrounding areas. The majority of our students are French mother tongue and this year’s enrolment from pre-kindergarten-6 is 107.



Cookshire Elementary is the oldest school in the ETSB and our community cherishes and is very proud of our historical school. We have six classrooms along with a library, resource room, a kitchen and a gym which also serves as a cafeteria

There is a playground at the back of the school, complete with a soccer field and a variety of regular playground apparatus for the children. A new play structure and tire swings were added in 2022 .


Student Enrolment: 107 including  pre-kindergarten students

Number of Teachers:   10 teachers; 7 full-time and 3 part-time