Parent Information

Governing Board

        Chairperson: Steve Bilodeau

                     P.P.O.:  Jean Rothney

                  PC Rep.:  Steve Bilodeau

               Members:  Steve Bilodeau, Jean Rothney, Doreen Lloyd, Marie-Noëlle Dumas, Stephanie Cyr, Selena Clowery

Victoria Taylor, Christoph Deringer.

Community Reps:   Bob Halsall, Jerry Coates

The Cookshire Elementary Governing Board consists of four parents, two teachers, one support staff, two community representatives and the Principal. The Governing Board held five meetings throughout the year. Meetings are open to the public.


Cookshire Elementary has a very active Parent Participation Organization.  The PPO assumes the role of chief fundraiser and is also a sounding board for our Governing Board.